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 FGA: (Frequently Given Answers)
Navarchy Village

  • We are an anti-pirate guild. Want to be a pirate in the future? Move along..
  • If you are looking for 24/7 PvP, we are not the guild for you. If you like to mix and match, we are.
  • We are an International guild with English as it's base language.
  • Yes, we are a PvX guild with people who are not online 24/7, but are willing to play as much as they can.
  • Yes, we take the things we do very seriously. Despite the fact that we do not consider ourselves *ahum* hardcore.
  • Yes, we are the good guys! We do not PK green, unless we have a serious problem with them or when they are pirating.
  • Yes, we try to share and help. Though patience and hard work are virtues as well.
  • No, just one classtype is not enough. You must be willing to complete more skillset and be versatile to aid the guild.
  • No, we do not like drama and have no-tollerance for it in our guild.
  • Having that said, you won't get far in our guild by being greedy or selfish. We share and prioritize in many ways.
  • Yes, we reward active, contributing and helpfull members for their efforts.
  • The level we are recruiting at the moment is level 50 as a bare minimum.
  • We use TS3 and it is manditory for group and guild events!
  • We hire starting 18 years and older as long as they are mature in behaviour.
  • Want to talk to the Guild Leader? Contact Glendaron in-game or through Navarchy.Glendaron((a.t))gmail.com
  • Want to talk to the Recruitment Officer? Contact Dedyda in-game.

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